Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Current Obsessed

Currently, I so in love with Kak Maghia Elena and her sister-in-law. I'm just like 'Oooemmjiii... Cantiknya colour blocking outfit dorangggg'. So just now i bought 3 new  jeans. But I've a XL-sized of thighs =.=!

Nahhh... I used the power of Encik Google. 

I need to start these kind of exercises so that the jeans can fit with me. 

Exercise that burn thighs fat:
1. Dumbbell squat
2. Dumbbell lunges
3. Step-up (side or cross over)
4. one-leg deadlifts
5. Hip lift on the ball
6. Walking
7. Swimming
8. Running
9. Biking
11.Wall side

And of course I need to reduce my caloric intake.
Wish me luck!

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